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Immigration itself is a journey and each journey is accompanied by a unique story!

Where is the house formed so that the stories of our short and sometimes endless journeys are not heard .. and Samin became the narrator of the stories!


Samin Haghighi, born in Shiraz, is beautiful; He was born in 1987 in a very academic, simple and very hard-working family and spent all the first 22 years of his life in beautiful Shiraz. After graduating from Shiraz University with a degree in Electrical Engineering / Telecommunications in 2011, he immigrated to Canada to study a new field of psychology in Canada in a very risky but loving endeavor; Why? Because sometimes you know that change is needed for you to achieve your mission, and that is how he graduated from the University of Victoria in 2015 and fulfilled his long-held dream of becoming a psychologist!

برای اطلاع از جلسات مشاوره و رزرو لطفا روی دکمه مربوطه کلیک کنید، فرم را پر کنید و ایمیل خود را بعد از تکمیل فرم چک کنید:

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