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How to register for seminars!

To pay for classes / seminars that are not free after registration, please check your email and complete the payment. Booking without paying for our non-free seminars is not available to you.

Registration steps

  • If you are a resident of Iran and need to register, pleaseOur Instagram page keep in touch; The payment portal of our website is not connected to Iran and only foreign currency payments are made through the website.

  • We do not accept rial payments from residents of countries other than Iran. All payments are made through the website and like all international reputable sites.

  • Please enter your email address completely correctly and without spelling mistakes for us in the registration form because all communication with you will be done via email.

After registration

The seminars are all done online and through the zoom software. To participate in these seminars, it is enough to connect to the seminar on the day of the seminar via the link you receive in the email. Installation of zoom software is not mandatory and if you do not have zoom software on your computer / phone, you can connect via the received link. There may be a need for a filter breaker.

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